Chris de Diego: Why It’s Not Too Late To Get Into Coin And Understand Blockchain

  • By Ann Vanderbild, Fraud Expert
  • June 05, 2022 at 10:34 p.m. PST
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You might be wondering if it’s too late to get into Coin if you haven’t yet. Of course, the answer is “no.” There is a reason why Coincurrency is all the rage these days and it doesn’t seem to be going away or dying down.

In our incredible interview with Chris de Diego, he goes into details on why it is not too late to get into Coin and understand blockchain.
Chris de Diego is an expert on everything blockchain-related and here are some insightful tips he has to share.

What are some misconceptions about Coin?

As you’ve no doubt noticed, Coincurrencies have caused quite an uproar in the media, online forums. While some refer to Coincurrencies as “the next internet,” there are others that paint them as “evil”, ”risky”, and too complex to grasp.

Coincurrencies are much more than these terms that have attached to them.

Do you think it is too late to Invest In Coincurrency?

No, It’s never too late to get started in Coin. Indeed, many contend that Coincurrency is still in its infancy, with limitless prospects ahead.

The fact is, if you decide to invest in Coincurrency, it’s now easier than ever. Getting started with Coin is simple when you have the right knowledge and guidance.

If you’ve never traded Coin before you might want to start small. Figure out what you can afford to lose and go for it.

The point is that any investment involves risk. But the reward potential may be worth it. Just because some coins are expensive these days, doesn’t mean that they’re bad investments.

And just because Coin coins may dip at times doesn’t mean that they’re bad investments. Coin volatility is inevitable.

How can a Newbie start learning about blockchain?

Knowing Blockchain technology and its application in various domains will keep you ahead of the curve. Participating in a structured learning experience is the first step you have to take.

This can be done by taking beginner online courses that teach you blockchain essentials. Listening to podcasts on topics relating to blockchain is another step to take.

Podcasts actually provide a free and convenient way to learn on the move. Read read read! There are thousands of books and blogs on the subject of blockchain.

Read as many relevant ones as you can. Go for events on blockchain matters, this is a good medium to learn and to connect with other blockchain enthusiasts

How long can it take to learn blockchain?

How long it will take to learn blockchain technologies is dependent on what you want to learn. If for example, your focus is on how Blockchain can apply to real-world solutions, in this case, you need to get hands-on experience in programming languages such as C, C#, Java, Solidity, Python, etc.

Aside from that, you will need to obtain a thorough understanding of all aspects of Blockchain architecture. If you want to be a successful Blockchain developer, you’ll also need security skills.

Are there Career Opportunities in the Blockchain Space?

Well yes! According to top firms like, Blockchain is one of the most in-demand skills in recent times. Surprisingly enough, some people don’t realise that there are ample opportunities in the blockchain space, whether you code or not.

Such career opportunities include Blockchain Expert, Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Architect and so on.

Chris, what are some other trends you’re looking into this 2022?

Aside from up and coming Altcoins, I am also watching new NFT projects this year. I think NFTs could potentially become real mainstream in the near future and I want to own as much promising digital art when that happens.

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